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Rates for Restoring Elemental Health



1 hour Massage $65
1 1/2 hour Massage $90

Thai massage $70 hour,
$95 1 1/2 hour Massage

Take a look at a typical Thai massage with Mia experience.
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Client Testimonial

In 2008, I was hit by a car on my way to a dance class. I could barely move, much less dance, and was in severe chronic pain. Luckily I got a life-saving rec­om­men­da­tion. Known among mas­sage ther­a­pists as the best in Albu­querque, Mia's con­cern for both phys­i­cal and emo­tional well­be­ing helped me quickly regain much of my mobil­ity, even from my first treat­ment, and I improved with each appoint­ment. Nowa­days (in 2011) I am prac­tic­ing yoga again, and danc­ing, run­ning, jump­ing and play­ing per usual.